Finding Calm in Coronavirus Times

The worry, loss of routine, and uncertainty around coronavirus is sure to take its toll on all of us.

Some will feel it as physical symptoms like:

muscle tension (or pain)



panic symptoms (shortness of breath, fast heart rate, sweating)

Some will feel it as a predominantly emotional experience:





This can be an overwhelming situation and it is bound to have an effect.

We have to be more tuned in to these feelings so that we can do something about them. So here are some ideas on how to manage these experiences.

First notice that they are happening. 2 important principles:

1. Sit with the feelings don't push them away and

2. After this bring your attention away to something you find calming. It is different for different people. Here are some ideas:

Meditating or breathing exercises

Cooking, going for a walk

Listening to music

Stretching or going for a walk

Taking a few minutes in another room if relationships are tense

Treating yourself to a bath, face-mask, or other grooming activity.

Sometimes the best things to do when you are feeling emotional are things that make you feel energised like exercise or connection.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to calm your system down. Make a list of the things that make you feel calm, relaxed, and kind to yourself and others.