Deborah Coughlin


Deborah - audience builder, multimedia content wizz and serial founder has built this incredible team while wrangling Oddball the dog.

Luke Shelley

Producer, Director & Editor

Luke  works on the sound/vision  in production and as our Wakey! video editor.  Also producing our Wakey! social content. Previous 14 years were spent at ITV producing videos for daytime telly and social channels. 

He is also the owner of Loki the cat.

Alasdair Scott

 App Designer

Digital chap and creative geek, responsible for design and build of the Wakey! App.

He can be found singing loudly and out-of-tune to Duran Duran songs at karaoke bars!

Holly Lush

Production & Marketing


Holly 's our organizational wizz who's responsible for putting together the  Wakey! shoots and assisting with all things social and marketing.

In her spare time you'll find her having a boogie or melting and making stuff out of silver.

Dr. Mariliis Tael-Öeren


Mari is behind the magic of collecting and analyzing the data aka research. 

Outside of work shes all about board games, birdwatching and exploring nature trails. 

Jess Lewis


Jess is the founder of Beyond Sonder, and consults Wakey! on its commercial strategy & brand partnerships.

She loves a good Sunday roast, a weekend dog walk and has a massive obsession with all things Jurassic Park.

Dr. Sophie Turnbull

 Head of Research

Sophie develops apps and websites designed to improve people’s health. She's interested in developing technology that is beneficial to people who often get left behind in society.

She spends her spare time upside-down, doing yoga and kitesurfing.

Ginger Johnson

Writer & Presenter

Ginger Johnson is a writer, performer and theatre maker with a sweet tooth for the ridiculous. When she’s not making a fool of herself in front of strangers, she collects rude words and plastic horses.

Dr. Iain Jordan

Writer & Presenter

Iain is a psychological medicine doctor specialising in treating physical and mental health problems together. He is passionate about making psychological tools accessible to everyone.

Amber Bryce

Community Manager

Amber is the community manager at Wakey!, which means she's the one chatting to you from 5 am every morning during the shows!

In her spare time, she loves to drink coffee, visit flea markets and hang out with her cat, Gerty.

Emma Browne


Emma is one half of Quick Fox Labs - the digital marketing agency helping to spread the Wakey word.

In her spare time, she enjoys trying new red wines and decorating her 6-foot tall dolls house.

Sami Qayyum


Sami is the commercial sales manager for Wakey! and is spreading the Wakey! word across media agencies all over the UK. Getting brands to partner up to bring new content to the Wakey! community.

In her spare time, you will find her in the gym or in a yoga class.